heget’s “Animated” Sindar Family Tree (full image here)

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The soul, fortunately, has an interpreter—often an unconscious, but still a truthful interpreter—in the eye.

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Characters of the Silmarillion

Glorfindel : How do I begin to explain Glorfindel? Glorfindel is flawless. I hear his hair is insured for 3 Silmarils. He does shampoo commercials… in Mordor. His favourite tv show is How I Met Your Balrog. One time he met Galadriel in Imladris and she told him he was pretty. One time he came back from the dead. It was awesome. 

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Lord of the Rings meme | 4/5 five friendships | Legolas & Gimli

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Favourite Tolkien quotes Gimli and Éomer re: Galadriel (The Return of the King)

And before he went to his rest he sent for Gimli the Dwarf, and he said to him: ‘Gimli Glóin’s son, have you your axe ready?’

'Nay, lord,' said Gimli, 'butI can speedily fetch it, if there be need.'

'You shall judge,' said Éomer. 'For there are certain rash words concerning the Lady of the Golden Wood that lie still between us. And now I have seen her with my eyes.'

'Well, lord,' said Gimli, 'and what say you now?'

'Alas!' said Éomer. 'I will not say that she is the fairest lady that lives.'

'Then I must go for my axe,' said Gimli.

'But first I will plead this excuse,' said Éomer. 'Had I seen her in other company, I would have said all that you could wish. But now I will put Queen Arwen Evenstar first, and I am ready to do battle on my own part with any who deny me. Shall I call for my sword?'

Then Gimli bowed low. ‘Nay, you are excused for my part, lord,’ he said. ‘You have chosen the Evening; but my love is given to the Morning. And my heart forebodes that soon it will pass away for ever.

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Will you follow me, one last time?

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Characters of the Silmarillion

Fingon the Valiant [Findekáno] : the eldest son of Fingolfin and Anairë, the High King of the Noldor in Middle-earth during the First Age. 

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The House of Fëanor

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To control the other rings, he needs the One.
And that ring was lost long, long ago.

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Kingdoms of Middle-earth + House words

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